Should the Advice to Find a Husband in College be Controversial?

Feminists are, predictably, having what we in the deep South used to call a "hissy fit."  They are reacting with rage and bombast to a letter published in The Daily Princetonian that advised coeds not to waste their college years where they are surrounded by a high "concentration of men who are worthy of you."  Susan Patton, a graduate of the Princeton class of 1977, reminded the students that "the man you marry" will be "inextricably linked" to their future happiness. No. Really? As a 20-year-veteran of the political arena in Washington, D.C., I have seen several generations of college graduates come to the nation's capital, where bright and intelligent men and women are overworked and underpaid to pursue their dream of making a mark on the world.  Invariably, they are steeped in the current myths about "establishing their careers" and "becoming financially stable" before even thinking about marriage. When they finally - and belatedly - get around to pursuing a...(Read Full Post)