Sandy Hook Suburban Elites Have 'Unique Moral Authority' over Gun Owners

The Sandy Hook families have received the sympathies of an entire nation.  But now a group billing itself as the Third Way, along with an "uber strategist" from the 1992 Clinton campaign, is helping the Newtown families project their grief onto law-abiding gun owners who have never harmed anyone.

After boarding Air Force One with President Obama last week to bring their message of stricter gun control to Washington, relatives have gone from a support group to full-fledged lobbyists.  If that's not worrisome enough, the hired guns behind the families act as if the murdered kids of wealthy people deserve preferential treatment. 

From Politico:

"These are smart, articulate people, who don't have a scintilla of Washington about them," said Matt Bennett of the centrist Democratic group Third Way, which has been helping the families navigate D.C. "But they virtually cannot be denied a meeting. There are not many groups of people that can get a meeting with any senator they want, whenever they want."

The Third Way think-tank looks like a well-funded liberal front group pretending to be a bridge between the left and the right.  Soon after Adam Lanza went berserk in December, killing first-graders and school personnel, Third Way co-founders Mark Bennett and Jon Cowan wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post.  The topic?  How Democrats should use various "forces and events" to seize the day. 

If Democrats play their cards right, a combination of political and demographic forces, and dangerous precipitating events, could create a tipping-point moment, when they can advance their priorities not just on taxes, but also on guns, marriage for gays and lesbians, immigration, and even climate change.

As the president noted, however, it will not be easy to pass new gun laws. To ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and to close the gun show loophole that allows firearms to be sold without background checks, the left will have to beat the NRA. And to do that, it must embrace both new gun-safety measures and Second Amendment rights.

What new gun-safety measures would the leftists embrace, at the same time protecting our rights as gun owners?  Was beating the NRA and gutting the Second Amendment priority number one for Cowan and Bennet? 

We're finding out the answers to these questions four months later.  The march toward greater restrictions on our Second Amendment rights is happening at full speed.  It didn't hurt the anti-gun rights coalition that the demographic affected in Newtown was well-connected suburbanites who are used to having a voice and demanding action.  If this horrible tragedy had happened at a poor urban school, would the parents be asked to lobby Congress?

The Politico article makes it clear who's good fodder for the gun control issue and who's not.  Talk about class warfare.  Why aren't the families of babies shot to death in Chicago getting "handlers" like Third Way or how-to sessions on pitching their ideas to politicians?

More from Politico:

... the Newtown families, political novices just a few months ago, are proving to be savvy, effective advocates as they promote the gun legislation that has finally begun to move through the Senate. The families are well-educated, and many are well-off. They have been polished and sharp on TV. They're mostly non-political, but quite accomplished in their own fields. With access to money and media, they're using persistence, visibility - and, most all, their unique moral authority - to help prod Senate action. They also have their own lobbyists - several of them, in fact.

Let me get this straight.  The well-off Newtown families get experienced leftist political operators to guide them through the legislative process because of "their unique moral authority." 

Our hearts may grieve for the parents and relatives of the Sandy Hook victims, but their experience is not any more unique than that of innocent inner-city kids caught in the crossfire of 50 years of liberal policies.

And no identity-politics speech by Mr. Obama claiming that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin, nor the latest abomination from Mrs. Obama about a 15-year-old victim in Chicago, can mask the progressives' innate ruling class bigotry. 

"Hadiya Pendleton was me," a teary-eyed, self-obsessed Michelle Obama told the audience at an anti-violence fundraiser event hosted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and attended by some of the city's most powerful business leaders. 

So why do  white upper-class suburban victims' families get a ride on Air Force One while urban black victims' families get Michelle Obama addressing a group of rich fat cats on their behalf? 

The Politico article, whether the authors meant to or not, turned over the progressive rock and let us see the toxic sludge of upper-class snobbery at the heart of their ideology.

The Newtown families' special treatment is not just about the left exploiting a group of parents as a state-controlled propaganda tool; it shows the elites' overt animosity toward the underclasses.

The victims of urban thugs, gang members, and 13-year-old fatherless sociopaths lying dead in drug-infested neighborhoods don't make good lobbying groups.  Flying single, "un-smart," "un-savvy," and "un-polished" inner-city mothers on Air Force One to traipse all over Capitol Hill to talk about gun control policy would be a PR nightmare.

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