Rev. Leon is proof that the US is very kind to immigrants

Let's not hang Rev Leon around President Obama's neck. He was probably as astonished as the rest of us about Rev Leon's remarks.  Let's hope that the leadership of his denomiation, and the people who tithe weekly, remind him that the pulpit is for respectful comments not cheap shots. There are three problems with Rev Leon's comments: 1) Easter Sunday is a day for renewal.  Our priest that day spoke of the Jesus story, the "he has risen" message that renews our faith.  Politics and Easter Sunday just don't mix.   2) Rev Leon came to the US under Operation Pedro Pan, or the plan organized by the US and Catholic Charities to bring 14,000 unaccompanied children to the US from Cuba.    It was one of America's finest hours and proof that this is a nation that loves immigrants.    Rev Leon should have reminded the audience, and specially all of the young people, about how the US has always opened its doors to people...(Read Full Post)