NYC GOP councilman caught up in bribery scandal a pagan 'prince'

File this one under "too good to be true." New York city Republican councilman Dan Halloran, who was arrested as part of the bribery scheme to get state senator Malcolm Smith on the mayoral ballot as a Republcan, lives an interesting life away from his duties in the council chamber. Mr. Halloran is a tribal prince in a pagan sect called Theodism which, as the Daily Mail article explains, has its roots in Germanic mysticism: According to a New York Times article, Halloran turned to the cultural roots of his mother's Danish heritage after his father died in 1989 at age 52. Theodish belief means in Old English 'tribal faith.' The polytheistic religion traces its roots to Germanic paganism and the worship of gods and goddesses. If Halloran is found guilty of the extortion and bribery charges, he may face prison time, but it likely won't be as severe a penalty as the public flogging that he had to endure after committing an undisclosed offense against a probationary servant, also...(Read Full Post)