NY Times marks 70th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto uprising with jab at Israel

Seventy years ago, a shrinking contingent of Jews rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto against the might of the Wermacht -- and for a brief spell got the upper hand until the German military regrouped and burned the ghetto to the ground.  Tens of thousands of Jews perished before, during, and after the uprising. After the war, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising became an iconic chapter in Jewish history -- a demonstration that Jews wouldn't allow themselves, in docile fashion, to be shoved into the slaughterhouse of the Holocaust. The uprising also became an inspirational morale-booster for the post-war Zionist drive to establish a Jewish state -- plus an object lesson that Jews, to guarantee survival, could not afford to be stateless. In Israel, the uprising was marked this year with a host of commemorative ceremonies -- a remembrance debt to the heroic resistance fighters. The New York Times, however, didn't see it quite that way.  In a lengthy op-ed, the paper plucked out of the...(Read Full Post)