Media: 'This is no time to speculate' - so, of course, they do

How many times did we hear reporters on the cable nets caution everyone about speculating regarding the perpetrators of the deadly attacks yesterday at the Boston Marathon? About as often as they proceeded to give their listeners the idea that it was "right wing extremists" who were behind the bombing. John Hawkins has a few examples: After national tragedies, liberals almost inevitably come out of the woodwork looking for ways to blame the whole thing on conservatives. Sadly, the Boston Marathon bombing has been no exception to that rule. Even though at present, there is absolutely nothing that ties the Boston Marathon bombing to conservatives, there are still Left-Wingers still trying to blame these attacks on the Right. CNN's national security analyst Peter Bergen suggested more than once that a, "right-wing extremist group" could be behind the attacks. MSNBC's Chris Matthews falsely claimed that, "Normally domestic terrorists, people, tend to be on the far right." New York...(Read Full Post)