Jordanian journalist blames 'Jews' and the 'American right' for Boston attack

No terrorist attack would be complete without conspiracy theories. Radio talk show host Alex Jones has weighed in with his "false flag"  theory:

Jones suggested that the FBI orchestrated the bombings under the false flag of a terrorist organization in order to justify expanded security powers. The Boston attack, he theorized, was staged by the U.S. government to extend the reach of both the Dept. of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration.

"Just wait folks," the 39-year-old Texan wrote. "#TSA groping you at sporting events coming soon."


But for sheer zaniness, no one beats the Arabs. MEMRI has the story of Jordanian journalist who is blaming the Jews and the American right wing for the Boston bombings:

Al-'Azouni, several of whose articles have been translated and published by MEMRI, was recently fired from the Jordanian daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm for writing an article in which he blamed the Jews for all the wars, plots, and corruption in the world. Following his dismissal, he wrote that it was MEMRI's publication of this article that had caused him to lose his job.

The following are excerpts from his article on the Boston bombing:

"They [the Jews] made an alliance with the Nazi Hitler, who is considered to be the first Western leader who promised Palestine to them. They agreed to hand over the old and sick Jews, to be disposed of as Hitler saw fit, and in return, he allowed them to send the young Jews to Palestine. I do not know if [Hitler] did this knowingly, or was misled by the Jews, because after the war the Jews looted Germany on the grounds that Hitler had burned the Jews...

"At first, they claimed that Hitler had killed 40 million [Jews], but the international community was outraged by the magnitude of this lie and they were forced to recant it. Then they claimed that Hitler the Nazi had exterminated 24 million Jews, but this lie too outraged the international community, so they reduced the number to six million, and did not back down [from this claim].

"We will never forget the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that shook America. But if you think about it, you will find that the Jews and their allies in the American right committed that heinous crime in order to embroil America in wars of attrition in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in order to keep it from recuperating and resuming its pressure on Israel to resolve the Palestinian problem by establishing a Palestinian state. They tried several times to convince President Obama to attack Iran [by letting Israel] carry out [the attack], but he refused. During his last visit to the region, he promised to make serious efforts to resolve the Palestinian problem, and told the Israelis that John Kerry would be America's point man for peace in the region.


"The terrorist bombing [that took place] during the Boston marathon, near the finish line, clearly bears Jewish fingerprints. It is a message to President Obama to stop messing with Israel. These explosions were probably not the first warning issued to President Obama, nor will they be the last, for they will not let him enjoy his second term in office, and have even decided to target him personally.

"According to American sources, one week before the marathon, Boston police officers began to train, with dogs, to put out fires in this area. These explosions are another link in the chain of bombings that America has witnessed in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

There's no accounting for stupidity. But you would think there would have to be a smidgeon of proof for such a theory to carry any weight at all. The gentleman's take on the Holocaust, 9/11, and Boston doesn't require any proof, only faith in a worldview skewed from reality, and immersed in paranoia and bigotry.

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