Is yours a 'zero TV' home?

This is fascinating. About 5 million Americans have apparently dropped their cable and satellite services and won't even watch free TV with an antenna. That's up from 2 million in 2007. They are part of a fast growing trend known as "zero TV" homes. With services like Netflix they can watch any series they wish - albeit a year later. And up to 130 networks are streaming their content live over the internet. Tablets, pads, even mobile devices like phones can now pick up many stations (with probably many more to follow). Associated Press: For the first time, TV ratings giant Nielsen took a close look at this category of viewer in its quarterly video report released in March. It plans to measure their viewing of new TV shows starting this fall, with an eye toward incorporating the results in the formula used to calculate ad rates. "Our commitment is to being able to measure the content wherever it is," says Dounia Turrill, Nielsen's senior vice president of insights. The ...(Read Full Post)