His Father's Son

Like many, I was disappointed when Chris Wallace was chosen to succeed the late Tony Snow as moderator of Fox News Sunday.

Boy, was I wrong!  Not only did Wallace prove to be extremely competent, but he also was not the liberal shill I feared he would be.

In Wallace Père's days, the most feared four words in the English language were said to have been "Mike Wallace is here."

The senior Mr. Wallace asked the powerful, the crooked, and the most famous hard, difficult, and uncomfortable questions.  He seemed to confine those sorts of question only to those on the right in his later years, and the Junior Mr. Wallace seemed to be a bit of a liberal squish to many of us on the right.

Well, yesterday, not only did Wallace Fils smear more egg on my face, but he also asked a question his father might well have asked -- at least in the latter's younger years.

Consider this:

All the people in that Watertown neighborhood, hiding, doors locked. ... How many of them, do you think -- and worried that this guy might get into their home, maybe take them hostage -- how many of them, do you think, might like a gun? To be able to protect themselves and defend their homes.

Oh.  My.  God.

Let me slink off in shame -- and let the left erupt!

Randy Hall comments on Chris Wallace's question on Newsbusters, and sums up those comments with this:
Wallace's take on the recent discussion of gun control was quite a bit different from the rest of the media's. Many journalists have been visibly angered at that the gun bill backed by Democrats and President Obama went down to defeat in the Senate.
Somewhere Mike must be smiling!