Gosnell's Defense: Admission of Defeat, or the Start of an Appeal?

Jack McMahon, the defense attorney for Dr. Kermit Gosnell, now on trial in Philadelphia and charged with multiple counts of homicide relating to the deaths of at least four infants and one mother in connection with his abortion factory, has shocked court watchers all over the nation by resting his case in defense of Gosnell without calling a single witness. Now resting a defense case without calling a single witness is unusual, but not unknown.  In many civil trials, especially when there is no jury involved in determining a verdict, the defense often depends on some legal technicality to generate a favorable ruling from a judge. On the other hand, Dr. Gosnell, if found guilty, faces a potential death penalty, for what the prosecutors have described as running a "house of horrors", and murdering newborn children who were born alive when the late term abortions that were planned for them failed.  When the potential outcome of such a trial is death, it is more than just...(Read Full Post)