Give Jim Hlavac's Article on Gays Another Chance: Think "Not in Our Name"

After years of writing for American Thinker, I've developed a thick skin when it comes to the comments section.  But Jim Hlavac, a gay conservative, wrote a piece called "Much Ado about Nothing," apparently his first on the site.  The comments were extraordinarily harsh and dismissive, even from some posters whom I recognize as usually stand-up, thoughtful folks. If it were my own column, I'd probably chalk it all up to people having a bad day and go on to the next post, but my protective "Mama Grizzly" instincts have kicked into gear because I don't want a smart gay writer to be turned off to the site so quickly. Jim Hlavac's point, if I understand it, is the following: most gay people want to live their lives and have no plans to undermine American civilization.  Most gay people never appointed the gay lobby to speak for them.  Most gays want to be a force for stability and support to our nation at large, and aren't Hell-bent on redefining marriage or much of...(Read Full Post)