Egypt re-starting nuclear program

As North Korea has demonstrated, an impoverished, an impoverished, starving population is no obstacle to a determined leader desiring nuclear weapons.  So now, Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, is committing billions of dollars to re-starting the country's nuclear program, a reactor that could pave the way for nuclear weapons.

Yes, nukes for the very same man that the US is supplying F-16 fighters to. The very same man who leads a country that is broke, where the foreign exchange reserves have dwindled to the point where essential wheat imports for the staple, heavily subsidized bread that prevents mass starvation for millions who could otherwise not feed themselves. Ariel Ben Solomon of the Jerusalem Post reports:

Earlier this week, Egypt announced that it is seeking Russian assistance to revive its nuclear program.

He explains the possible motivations for this move:

It seems to be a move by the Muslim Brotherhood-led government to solidify the country's position as a regional power, as well as a way to improve relations with Moscow since Cairo has been facing difficulties in getting aid from the International Monetary Fund.

The move could also be seen as a play to increase Cairo's leverage with the West so that it receives the aid it desires without having to make too many concessions in return.

On the other hand, we also learn that:

Hamdi Hassan, spokesman of the Brotherhood's parliamentary caucus, said in 2006, "We [Egyptians] are ready to starve in order to own a nuclear weapon that will represent a real deterrent and will be decisive in the Arab-Israeli conflict."

Wow! Not too many politicians in the Dar al harb (literally, the "House of War" - the targets of jihad, as opposed to the House of Islam) are willing to announce their willingness to starve their constituents. Even the Kim dynasty dictators would never admit this, and they had the world's most repressive police state at their disposal. But Islamic civilization is different from all the others.

"Decisive." Does that sound like the nuking Israel out of existence?

On the other hand, the program was started by Hosni Mubarak in 2006, in response to Iran, as part of the Sunni-Shia conflict. As Solomon writes:

A 2008 report by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies said that there were at least 13 states in the Middle East that recently announced or revived plans to develop civilian nuclear programs. The list includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey.

So, in region the Muslim Brotherhood is serially taking over, country by country, nuclear weapons are going to be proliferating, accelerating once Iran detonates its first nuke. And President Obama is still hoping to talk the mullahs iinto giving up their goal of triggering Armageddon and bringing back the Mahdi when they wipe Israel from the map, as promised.