Did Jay-Z hear about the Cubans who risked their lives rather than watch his little walk in Havana?

Another side of Cuba that Jay-Z did not see is that of a dozen Cubans found in the ocean escaping the island. 

Two different cruise ships picked up Cubans in make shift rafts trying to escape Cuba.  These Cubans chose to risk their lives rather than greet Jay-Z and spouse in the streets of Havana.

My guess is that Jay-Z and spouse do not have a clue that some Cubans would rather risk death than watch their little walk in Havana.  Yes, a few Cubans wanted nothing to do with that "educational" trip after all.   I think that Cubans can smell a propaganda charade miles away.  They've had their share of charlatans who smoke cigars for 50 years.

Mr & Mrs Carter also showed incredible hypocrisy when they said nothing about Roberto Zurbano, a black Cuban who lost his job for writing about racism in Cuba.

Zubrano wrote the truth, i.e. there is great dissatisfaction in the Cuban black population about the revolution's priorities and choices.  He touched on a topic that the "revolution" avoids. The Castro PR machine, with the assistance of too many clowns in the US, has pushed the idea that "white rich Cubans" left for Miami and that "blacks" finally got their due.  Not really.  Not really at all.

Zubrano confirmed what Brian Lloyd French, a Canadian writer, said to me a few weeks ago.  Brian confirmed that blacks are excluded from positions of responsibility in the government as well as those joint ventures that international companies do with the Castro family.

Zubrano focused on black Cubans.  However, the Cuban "revolution" has failed all Cubans, unless you are part of the party elite, the privileged class that gets to watch US baseball games on cable TV and go on the internet.

Overall, a bad week for Jay-Z and the Cubans that he left behind.  Maybe the next guy who gets to go on an "educational" trip will actually educate himself about Cuba. 

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