Yes, Obamacare is a roadblock to economic growth

The US economy and baseball player Josh Hamilton have something in common: they are both in a big slump!

The first quarter GDP numbers are in and it is not good:

"The bad news is that this recovery is still half the pace of the normal expansion. The Joint Economic Committee reports that if the economy had grown at the typical pace coming out of recession, at this stage GDP would be closer to $17.4 trillion. This $1.4 trillion growth deficit is roughly the size of the combined annual production of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2011." (WSJ)

Translation: We are not growing!

My "day job" is recruiting and let me tell you what the marketplace is telling me. 

I am on the phone with small to medium size businesses in Dallas TX.  They are confused.  They don't think that the government is working for them.

It all started with ObamaCare, the worst piece of legislation ever passed by the federal government.  It was bad because it did not address the health care problems, such as "preexisting conditions" and mindless lawsuits.

ObamaCare has "spooked" the business owners.  They don't understand it and aren't in a mood to hire an accountant to explain the 2000 pages.

The economy will continue to stagnate until someone pulls the plug on this monster called ObamaCare. By the way, that "someone" may be a coalition of Democrats in panic mode!

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