Who's Going Deaf, Mayor Bloomberg?

The man will stop at nothing. Such is his commitment to those he serves. Mayor Bloomberg, in his inimitable wisdom and concern for his fellow man, may be on the brink of determining the maximum volume for users of headphones. Oh, the humanity! Don't we all need a bit of help to live our lives, to carry on, to fulfill even the smallest of tasks? Aren't we all just a bit too stupid to determine....well, just about anything? Thankfully, and just in the nick of time, Municipal Dear Leader figured out the maximum amount of soda to consume, though I understand speakeasies are starting to crop up around NYC where folks have the temerity to drink soda to their hearts' content. The time does seem right to zero in on headphone volume lest we all go unwittingly deaf. Hm. Where else may danger lie? Surely we must take care moving about the house. There are countless things we could trip on, run into, burn ourselves with, impale ourselves on. And we need to make sure the lighting is just right....(Read Full Post)