Our Culture: Whose Fault Is It?

It is fascinating to listen to or watch the Republican Establishment and much of the punditry on the right wonder, with amazement, why the nation's attitude has dramatically shifted regarding acceptance of the concept of gay marriage.  It is as if a bolt of lightning suddenly burst out of the blue and struck the people causing all to become mesmerized with the efficacy of same-sex marriage.

Memo to all these navel-gazers: over the past five years, while you were rubbing elbows with your compatriots and fellow denizens of Washington, D.C. and New York, waxing eloquent about the Neanderthal nature of the Tea Party movement and the need for that wonderful, albeit nebulous, concept of bipartisanship and inclusion, the left was diligently espousing gay marriage as a "civil right" and something that demanded "fairness and equality."  That it conveniently fit in with their overarching ambition to eliminate religion and tradition from the public square never occurred to you.

Having successfully dumbed down the American electorate, while the Republican hierarchy and pundit class stood idly by, the left can now promote anything they want under the mantle of fairness and civil rights, and an unfortunate plurality of the people readily swallow it.  It is now at the point in this fractured society that the left and the mainstream media could team up and successfully campaign for the rights of a ham sandwich.  After all, there has been a movement afoot for many years for all sorts of animals, vegetables, and the environment to have certain inalienable rights.

This sudden acceptance of gay marriage is not a surprise as its momentum emanates from the younger generations who have been the guinea pigs in the left's indoctrination and control of the education establishment.  The non-existent right to marry a person of the same sex, having been shrouded in the blood-soaked mantle of civil rights for all American regardless of skin color or ethnicity, has become ingrained in the these malleable minds as there was no one willing to recognize or counter the arguments or even to comprehend what was happening to this society and attempt to stop it.

The question now is: will the Republican Establishment and their attendant punditry class finally wake up to how the nation got to this point and why?   The fault lies not just with the left and the media, but also with all those in the Republican Party and the right who, through their indifference and self-serving concerns, placed the nation in its current societal and economic dilemma.

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