When the Obama Administration Goes After a Journalist for Reporting the Truth

Bob Woodward isn't the first journalist to be thrown under the proverbial bus by the Obama Administration.  Back in April 2011, veteran San Francisco Chronicle journalist Carla Marinucci, was banned from the presidential press pool in San Francisco, a beat she'd been covering without incident for some time.  Her sin?  Recording a group of leftwing hecklers who spontaneously sang a bizarre song (related to the Bradly Manning Wikileaks incident) in protest against Obama at a fundraiser in San Francisco -- a somewhat embarrassing moment for the president who was visibly caught off guard once he realized they weren't singing his praises.  Carla, a veritable Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen all in one, videotaped the song and posted it on her "Shaky Hands" blog at SFGate.  That video can be viewed here. In a Pravda-like effort, the Politburo at 1600 Penn Ave sought to excise this stunt from popular view by banning Ms. Marinucci from the pool, demanding that the video not...(Read Full Post)