Very quietly, House passes spending bill to fund government through September

The fiscal cliff and the sequester has apparently exhausted both Republicans and the White House. Neither side seemed willing to go a third round over the continuing resolution that must be passed by March 27 or the government will shut down. The House passed their version of the con res yesterday. Only 14 Republicans voted against it - a vindication of sorts for Speaker Boehner who has had trouble bringing his caucus along with him on previous votes. The bill would allow the defense department a little more leeway in deciding on budget cuts as a result of the sequester. Domestic spending would stay as it is. Wall Street Journal: Senate lawmakers may tussle over spending on the health-care law and implementation of the Dodd-Frank financial law, but neither issue is expected to bog down the spending legislation. The House bill funds the government at a rate of $982 billion over fiscal 2013 and includes $85 billion in spending reductions from the sequester. A total of 53...(Read Full Post)