The UN's Outrageous Alternative Universe

While the world continues exploding brutality and murder, the United (Useless) Nations continues operating in its alternative universe, ignoring real victims while honoring oppressors as UN Watch details.

From civil war wracked Syria, where over an estimated 70,000 citizens, many of them civiians have died and hundreds of thousands have fled,

The U.N. has elected Syria's mass murdering Assad regime to a senior post on a decolonization committee charged with upholding fundamental human rights in opposing the "subjugation, domination and exploitation" of peoples, a major propaganda victory that was immediately trumpeted by Syria's state-funded SANA news agency.


The committee is mandated to implement the UN's 1961 Declaration on the Granting of Independence of Colonial countries and Peoples. In November 2011, the UN also unanimously elected Syria to two UNESCO human rights committees.

Syria, which has long coveted neighboring Lebanon, has interfered in that country's internal matters by funding terrorists and is accused, with good reason, of arranging the assassinations of several leaders. Thousands of Syrian refugees are now in Lebanon. But yet the UN appoints Syria to sit on the decolonization committee to oppose the "subjugation, domination and exploitation" of others; in other words Syria should oppose Syria. Obviously this is not going to happen.

Meanwhile, the UN continues to smear Israel, its favorite target. Not so incidentally, the US is the second favorite. As Hillel Neuer of UN Watch reports a researcher reported on a UN session that never happened.

Nicola Perugini, a UN researcher in the Palestinian territories for UNESCO and UNIFEM (the UN women's fund), and who has academic positions at Bard College's Al Quds program and at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, should be removed from his UN and scholarly posts on grounds of utter incompetence.

His Feb. 22 Al Jazaeera article on the latest UNHRC report on Israeli settlements tells us all about a session in January which, in fact, never took place:


Except Perugini's session could not have focused on anything, welcomed any report, opened any chapter, been boycotted by anyone, or created any bad publicity for Israel, for the simple reason that it never existed.


Perugini, the expert consultant and researcher in the Palestinian territories for two major UN agencies -- including for the UNESCO-funded "Decolonizing Architecture" project that imagines various ways to take apart Israeli settlements -- appears to have conflated three completely different things into one giant mush that is a figment of his imagination:


The incident underscores the shoddy scholarship and disregard for facts that characterizes much of the anti-Israel propaganda produced by many of the researchers who write UN reports on Israel, including the Goldstone Report.

The UN is supposed to represent peace. And so several months ago, Cuba presented its draft resolution on the Right to Peace. Yes, you read that correctly. Last week,

An open-ended intergovernmental working group was established to collectively strive towards a draft UN declaration on the Right to Peace. After a four-day meeting, a draft document was presented but many controversies still remain.

The United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, South Korea and others rejected the so-called right to peace. The US claimed that it is "neither recognized nor defined." Such a right "could do serious damage" in undermining other international organs and structures. Lastly, it cannot be called a "right" as these refer to individuals and not groups. "These conceptual gaps seem to be insurmountable."

Many delegates stated that the relationship between peace and human rights is a close and important one. However, this "suggests an unacceptable hierarchy to human rights. Lack of peace cannot serve as an excuse for government to not comply with human rights." Other major controversies include whether or not there is a legal basis for the right to peace in international law, whether or not there is a clear link between disarmament and the right to peace, and whether or not private military and security companies should be regulated.

Through the debate, it became clear that many of the avid supporters of this working group and the draft are merely using the right to peace as a shield behind which they will hide their own human rights violations. Many oppressive regimes took the opportunity to highlight their support to this notion.

At the end of January, Sudan, responsible for the slaughter in Darfur, was elected as Vice-President of the UN's Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) which

is a top U.N. body, regulating human rights groups, shaping the composition of key U.N. women's rights bodies, and adopting resolutions on subjects ranging from Internet freedom to female genital mutilation. Thus, genocidal Sudan seemed a highly inappropriate choice.

The US, Canada and even the European Union objected; the final decision has been postponed.

Stay tuned for more outrages from the UN.