The bogus 'legal separation' between Planned Parenthood's abortion and contraception services

In response to Texas' ongoing efforts to avoid subsidizing abortion providers, the federal government recently bypassed the state's Medicaid-based women's health program and granted Title X money directly to the Women's Health and Family Planning Association of Texas.  This group includes Planned Parenthood clinics.  So, it's a workaround; and probably a workaround orchestrated by Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion Obama Health and Human Services Department.  No news there. However, two assertions in the Houston Chronicle article reporting the grant provide a teaching moment.  These assertions are apparently contradictory but technically true in an Enronish sort of way.  Fran Hagerty, CEO of the group, claims both that: [O]nly two of the 34 clinics in her association are affiliated with Planned Parenthood.  And, None of the 34 clinics that will get the grant money provide abortions. Huh.  How is it that Planned Parenthood, the...(Read Full Post)