Popular shotgun may be banned in Colorado

Colorado's new gun control law that has already passed the House and Governor Hickenlooper says he will sign would outlaw a popular shotgun used for hunting. State Rep. Greg Brophy explains: "Hundreds of thousands of pheasant hunters are probably going to be carrying around a gun they won't be able to replace after July 1 this year," he said. Brophy points to a section of the bill that defines a high-capacity magazine as one capable of accepting or -- that can be readily converted -- to accept more than 15 rounds or eight shotgun shells. "This is where shotgun shells go inside this tube here," Brophy showed Boyd, "You can screw this part off the top and screw on an extender to this tube to allow it to hold more than eight rounds. It is readily convertible, which by definition in the bill, makes the whole thing a high-capacity magazine." Under the 1994 federal ban manufacturers redesigned the gun so the barrel couldn't be extended. Brophy says it's unlikely they'd do the ...(Read Full Post)