NY Times: The Jews are coming, the Jews are coming (gulp) in Jerusalem!

In its Sunday, March 17, edition, the New York Times runs a front-page article that slams a few new Jewish homes in an Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem for "fundamentally undermining" any prospect that this area could become the capital of a Palestinian state ("NEW APARTMENTS WILL COMPLICATE JERUSALEM ISSUE - JEWS ENTER ARAB AREAS - Critics Say Construction Undermines Capital for Palestinians" by Jodi Rudoren) Here's how Rudoren, the Times Jersualem bureau chief, sets the stage in the lead paragraph of her latest exercise in Israel bashing:  "The Muslim call to prayer resounds through the traffic circle in the Palestinian enclave of Ras al-Amud, through the taxi stand where waiting drivers sip sweet coffee and the vegetable market where boys help their father after school."  An Arab Eden in the heart of Jerusalem. But that's only the first half of Rudoren's lead paragraph.  Now comes the counter-point with Israel's intrusion in this Arab paradise:   "It (the...(Read Full Post)