NoKo's say their missile and artillery forces at 'number 1' alert

We should be used to this by now, but I can't be the only observer who detects an increase in bellicosity coming from Kim Jong-Un and the North Korean government. ABC News: North Korea said today it has moved strategic rocket and artillery units into top combat position in preparation for a strike against the United States. In a statement released by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea said, "From this moment, the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army will be putting in combat duty posture No. 1 all field artillery units including long-range artillery strategic rocket units that will target all enemy objects in U.S. invasionary bases on its mainland, Hawaii and Guam." The United States recently engaged in long-planned joint military exercises in the region. Also, the United States and South Korea Friday signed a military pact providing for a joint response to even low-level provocation from the North. The move was predicted by analysts to provoke the...(Read Full Post)