New York Times tells Supreme Court Liberals to go narrow on gay marriage

The New York Times, in its role as the bible of the liberal mindset, instructs the liberal justices of the Supreme Court to avoid a sweeping ruling imposing gay marriage across the nation by judicial fiat. And it cautions its readership to be careful what they wish for from the court. That's the gist of this news analysis article by Adam Litvak, titled "Shadow of Roe v. Wade Looms Over Ruling on Gay Marriage." The word "shadow" gives away the game. The piece prominently features the ideas expressed by Justice Ginsburg, in essence that Roe v Wade pre-empted the political process, short circuiting a transition already underway, and creating an enduring political movement in opposition to the judicial overreach: The Supreme Court's decision was a perfect rallying point for people who disagreed with the notion that it should be a woman's choice," she added. "They could, instead of fighting in the trenches legislature by legislature, go after this decision by unelected judges." That...(Read Full Post)