Joe Biden Live and Uncut

Here, in no particular order, are some highlights from Vice President Biden's speech to Democratic donors in New York city and another speech he gave to an Irish American group.

Vice President Joe Biden rallied an audience of Democratic officials and activists at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's issues conference in New York City Saturday, telling an enthusiastic crowd that the 2012 election results rendered a decisive verdict on America's future direction - and that Republicans "didn't get the message."

"I really thought the fever would break" after the November election, Biden said. The president's re-election was "decisive," he said, but it is "quite clear [Republicans] didn't get the message."

That, or "they got the message and they don't think it matters," he said.

Democrats have been pushing this meme since the election -- that they won "decisively." The president is the first incumbent in history to actually lose votes the second time around. The GOP kept the House and picked up a governorship. They currently hold 30 statehouses to the Dems 19 (that's "decisive").

It was a comfortable victory for the president with no evidence whatsoever that the public rejected Republicans or accepted Democratic ideas.

Of course the worst in my humble opinion has always been John Boehner.  The purpose of the Speaker of the House is to find ways to reach compromise on important issues.   He has yet to show me he knows how to spell the word.

The man widely known as the dumbest senator when he served in the upper body accuses Boehner of not knowing how to spell? Get real, Joe.

Vice President Joe Biden says Irish Americans should rally behind Hispanics in their push to get immigration reform through Congress.

The reason: Hispanics and the Irish both have had to bare more than their share of discrimination.

"There are 11 million [undocumented] Hispanics, who by the way, are just as proud, just as noble, care just as much about their families, as we do," Biden told 300 Irish American leaders in New York Thursday.

"Like our forebears, they possess overwhelming potential to build this great country."

Of course, the Irish, for the most part, didn't break the law to get here. And I'm sure what the vice president says about Hispanics is all true, but what does that have to do with immigration policy? Nothing, but it sure sounds good, eh?

Just as an aside, do you think anyone is going to ask Biden why he ran up a $1 million dollar hotel bill when he was over in Europe?

Hotel tabs for Vice President Joe Biden's five-day trip to Europe last month cost more than $1 million, government documents show.

The totals were for two-night stays at five-star hotels in London and Paris, ABC News reported Friday.

One contract with the Hyatt Regency London was for $459,338.65, while another at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand was for $585,000.50, U.S. State Department documents revealed.

The amounts were "in line with high-level travel across multiple administrations," said a State Department official.

Because nothing is too good -- or too expensive -- for our vice president.