JihadWatch.com wins CPAC 'People's Choice Award' but is barred from receiving it (updated with responses)

The controversy over the CPAC Peoples' Choice Blogger Awards continues to develop, with a response from John Hawkins, printed below. Here is the original blog entry, followed by John Hawkins' response: 03 06 original post: In a shocking development that should alert all conservatives to behind-the-scenes manipulation of CPAC and other conservative organizations, the winner of the voting for an important award for bloggers has been barred from receiving it. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs reports: I was surprised and honored that Jihad Watch was among the nominees for the People's Choice Blog Award, sponsored by Right Wing News and TheTeaParty.net, to be awarded at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013. [see voting results below:] As you can see from the vote above, Jihad Watch won decisively, getting over 50% of the vote in a field of fifteen. And I received confirmation of the victory from one of the organizers of the CPAC blog awards when I asked him when...(Read Full Post)