In the face of sequester, Obama finds $190 million for Egypt's Morsi

Gee, how many meat inspectors will be laid off to pay for this? How many air traffic controllers? How many kids will go hungry? Nancy A. Youssef of the McClatchy Newspapers writes: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry promised Sunday to give Egypt $190 million to help the government pay its bills, but said more money would require that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi move quickly to resolve the country's differences with the International Monetary Fund, reform its security services and take steps to provide equal rights for women and religious minorities. Kerry's statement, which came at the end of "very candid and constructive" talks with Morsi, was the closest the United States has come to criticizing the Egyptian president, who took office last summer as the country's first democratically elected leader. The goals of this bribery may be  laudable, but given the fact that the Obama administration will seek out the most painful cuts possible in order to finance...(Read Full Post)