In Texas, a wrongly convicted man relies on God and church

Michael Morton, who spent nearly 25 years in a Texas prison before DNA testing exonerated him of his wife's murder, was married on Saturday in Liberty City, a small town in East Texas. The story of Morton's marriage to Cynthia May Chessman, a divorced mother with three children, has much to do with God and the First Baptist Church Liberty City, according to an article on Sunday in the wedding section of The New York Times, "Ready to Share a Life of Front-Page News." As reporter Manny Fernandez explains: After his release, Mr. Morton moved in with his parents in Liberty City, Tex., and later started renting a house in nearby Kilgore, a town of 13,000 in the East Texas piney woods 120 miles east of Dallas. One evening in January 2012, he was invited to speak at First Baptist Church Liberty City, which he and his parents had been attending since his release. At the church that night, Mr. Morton spoke of his spiritual journey -- one night in 2001 in his cell, he said,...(Read Full Post)