Germany is spending $110 billion to delay global warming by 37 hours

Former climate skeptic Bjorn Lomberg, who now believes climate change is man-made, nevertheless wants any action taken to reduce emissions to be intelligent and cost effective. He points to Germany's subsidies for solar panels that are costing the government $110 billion but will delay global warming by on 37 hours. Weekly Standard: "The Germans are spending about $110 billion on subsidies for these solar panels," said Lomborg. "The net effect of all those investments will be to postpone global warming by 37 hours by the end of the century." "All those billions, for 37 hours delay?," asked Stossel. "Yeah," said Lomborg, "so remember them in [the year] 2100 and say, 'Wow.'" Stossel clarified, "You believe in global warming and man-made--" "Global warming is real," said Lomborg, "and it is we need to fix. But we should fix it smartly, and not in a very, very costly way as we're doing it now. Germany is probably spending $660 for every ton of CO2 they're cutting." Lomberg said in...(Read Full Post)