First Daughters' Spring Break Part II: Sun Valley

Outrageous as it may seem to some, rather than respond appropriately to the criticism and back off from the extravagant vacations, Michelle and Barry chose instead to thumb their noses at America by flying Sasha and Malia from the Atlantis in the Bahamas to Sun Valley, Idaho to top off Easter week with a little skiing.

For those who are shocked, here's the bottom line: Nothing anyone does or says is going to change who these people are.  It is now crystal clear that no amount of public disapproval or disparagement will deter them from spending our money to wantonly indulge themselves as often as they please.   After all, in their minds, they're worth it.

What is also clearly obvious is that if by chance there's an uptick in criticism of the first family's endless excesses, their response will be an even more defiant display of conspicuous consumption while the liberal media does their part by accusing critics of racism.

In less than a week, spring break has transported two little girls to the sun and surf of the Bahamas and then scooped them up and ferried them to the cold, powdery Idaho snow! Ah, life is good.

Would somebody please refresh my memory?  Didn't Obama just blame the cancellation of White House tours on Secret Service furloughs?  Then, after making schoolchildren cry, he managed to rustle up a kiddie security detail to stand around in Atlantis in swim trunks and then trail Sasha and Malia down the bunny slope in Sun Valley.

And wasn't it just a few weeks ago that these girls and their mother shut down Aspen, Colorado? How many otherwise-furloughed Secret Service personnel were assigned to that little excursion?  Apparently, Mrs. Obama, and to a lesser extent her husband, must fancy themselves full-fledged 'celebrities.'  After all, "Sun Valley is known to be a getaway for celebrity." The irony is that it's America that needs to get away from the Obamas.

Nonetheless, thanks to another blank check compliments of the American taxpayer, "The Sun Valley Ski Patrol confirm[ed] the girls were enjoying the wonders of the mountain." To rub the already appalled public's noses in it even more, allegedly while in Sun Valley Sasha and Malia are bunking at Thunder Spring, which boasts being "A premier resort community for the select few."

For the holiday, the Sun Valley blog encourages guests to "Race, Skim and Slide into Easter Weekend... From the lawns strewn with brightly colored eggs!" Isn't it peculiar that the daughters of a president who quotes Scripture at prayer breakfasts and memorials, are allowed to observe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from a ski lift?

In all seriousness, travelogues and "Rail Jams" aside, these young girls are unknowing casualties of public-servant parents who obviously feel they owe no explanation for their financially frolicsome lifestyle.  The 'me first' attitude they exhibit lacks accountability - and shame, for that matter - for the excesses they seem to flaunt before a struggling nation.

Moreover, when it was made public that Sasha and Malia had departed the Caribbean and were spending the second half of spring break in Idaho, just as they did last March when Malia was in Mexico, the White House made sure their Internet scrubber was not furloughed.  Every website article that reported the first daughters' location was obliterated from the Web.

To explain that decision, Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the first lady, released the following statement:

From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls. 

Actually, Ms. Schake, the news here isn't about Sasha and Malia sunning or skiing or where they're doing it, it's about their imprudent parents who ask news outlets to refrain from reporting while they refrain from nothing. 

The Obamas are of the persuasion that, without America's permission, they can pilfer as much cash out of the public coffers as they want. Then, when the people whose money they've misused demand an explanation, the Internet gets scrubbed and questions are ignored.

Furthermore, if privacy is the goal, maybe Michelle should think twice before jetting her daughters from Club Crush to River Run in less than seven days.  As for their safety and security, not to worry - both girls are plenty safe because the throng of Secret Service agents who would normally be overseeing sizeable groups of schoolchildren touring the White House are spending the week playing nanny.

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