Enhanced interrogation techniques do work...even on TV.

I must profess, I follow The Following.  This show is the incredibly fast based story of a sinister cult lead by an even more sinister serial murderer using the internet while in prison. 

The television show on the Fox Network is never short on surprises.  The star Kevin Bacon plays a damaged ex-FBI agent who has returned to help stop the murder and mayhem caused by the very monster he had helped to lock up almost 9 years earlier. 

The villain is beguiling and amazing in his ability to manipulate his followers from a prison cell on death row.  His minions use the tortured works of Edgar Allen Poe as a theme for the horror they inflict on others.  The cult openly honors its members for their grizzly stories of murder and considers murder itself as part of the initiation to belong.

The show so far has seen the FBI always one step behind.  Many people involved in the cult are hidden inside the very law enforcement system that is trying to stop it.  But last night was different. 

After the death of numerous individuals and the pure frustration of realizing that the FBI has no means to stop the slaughter Kevin Bacon's character said we have to do something different, and he did.  We then see his physically intense questioning of one of the injured and arrested 'followers'.  The next scene is the rare rescue of one of the few surviving victims.

The Following is just a show, but our society has become so politically correct that we struggle labeling the bad guys.  Then we struggle doing everything we can to stop the bad guys.  Yeah, for the good guy that had to do the bad thing that ended up good.          

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