Embracing the Viper

President Obama is on his Middle East tour and has thus far offered an arm of support to Israel that those who are ultimately responsible for the very survival of that nation and their people must surely be examining at arm's length. In spite of Obama's declaration that Israel's future is "bound to ours," he notably did not say that Israel's survival is bound to ours. That's a significant distinction if you happen to be a home-based Israeli living under perpetual threat of annihilation.

Of further significant concern was Obama's apparent willingness to appear on a speaking platform in the Ramallah with a huge depiction of that despicable terrorist, Yasser Arafat, hovering overhead. Good grief! Is Obama's advance team so inept as to allow the President of the United States of America to stand and expound under the image of one of the founding fathers of Islamic terrorism with its bombings, shootings and multitudinous other forms of assassination and death? Arafat was a sleazy embezzler and a sexual deviate who raped not only little Arab boys but the very cause he professed to represent.  Yet there stood our entirely clueless president under Arafat's blown-up photo lending immeasurable American presidential support to the memory of this despicable man and the fools who still worship and follow this false idol.

One can only wonder as to whether this was a colossal screw-up by Obama's advance team or a calculated move to show the solidarity of America's suspected Muslim-sympathizing president with the militant, anti-Jewish factions all over the Middle East. Either way, Barack has alienated a huge segment of society, either West or Middle East.

Perhaps Obama ultimately hopes to emulate the widow of Arafat who lives ever so comfortably in France, her comfort insured by the hundreds of millions she and her corrupt husband looted. Our affirmative action president does so much appear to enjoy the trappings of wealth, and who could possibly know if he will not be comfortably retired in similar manner by those who hold immense wealth in the Middle East?

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