Ann Coulter does a 180 on Chris Christie

During a twenty minute-plus, highly entertaining speech/comedy routine at CPAC yesterday, Ann Coulter turned against Chris Christie, who was her darling not so long ago.

I suppose Ann must now think it was a good thing that the GOP ignored her advice on making Chris Christie its nominee.  And imagine if Ann had been so influential that voters had actually followed her advice and elected Christie President! Why, President Christie would now be sabotaging conservatism, and preparing to put the country in the hands of the Democrats, permanently.

At least that's the implication of her remarks at CPAC. Mediaite has the video of her speech to CPAC, as well as highlights of her remarks.   On Christie, her key words were:

"If amnesty goes through America becomes California and no Republican will ever win another election," she said.


"I'm now a single-issue voter against amnesty, so Chris Christie's off my list," she said.

She also made fun of his weight. But of course in an age that admires a semi-emaciated body type, Coulter is entitled to sneer at almost everyone.

Ann is the most gifted polemicist of our age, witty and able to cut through political babble to the essence. But I can't help wondering if the imperative to amuse, surprise, and just plain get attention sometimes biases her political advice.

The speech itself is a treat. As always, Coulter commands the audience. Her timing is exquisite and her wit delightful. For some reason I can't get the embedding to work, so just click here

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