CPAC Reflections 1: Getting Back to Core Principles

Over three days, Thursday through Saturday evening, March 14 to 16, dozens of current issues of concern to Conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans were addressed at the 40th CPAC annual get-together. On show were 200 speakers on panels and symposia, 15 full-length films and professional, info-dense documentaries, private VIP luncheons and receptions,  dozens of new political and analytical books were talked and hawked, and fast new alliances were forged by people of all demographics from all 50 states. One surprise was the vibrancy of the crowd. With thousands of college age and recent grads roving from  hall to hall, bedecked with stickers and campaign buttons ["Kill the Death Bill" was pretty ubiquitous], wearing caustic-ghastly makeup Kristen Stewart and pal Robert Pattinson would be proud to display for the Zombie March dance Friday night, and queuing up for Dr. Ben Carson's autographs after a folksy but meaty barn-burner Saturday ("Let's just suppose, for a magical...(Read Full Post)