Colorado Senate Dems push through gun control bill

I am finding it ridiculous trying to talk to gun control advocates. They don't listen. You can calmly point out that the measures they are advocating will do absolutely nothing to prevent another school shooting or a tragedy like the Aurora theater massacre, and it goes right over their heads. They stick with the talking points and eschew reason and logic. It's the "control" part of gun control they love. That, and the self image they create of themselves of saving lives, even though there is a mountain of evidence that belies their elevated opinion of themselves. Colorado is the latest state to pass meaningless gun control legislation. Associated Press: The measures approved by the Senate included a limit on the kinds of high-capacity ammunition magazines Holmes is accused of using in the theater shooting. Other measures included expanded background checks on private gun sales and a new ban on gun ownership for people facing domestic violence charges. Republicans argued in vain...(Read Full Post)