Bloomberg's Folly

Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling said in the NY Post that Bloomberg's soda law was "discriminatory because it would apply only to businesses regulated by the city and would not treat all sugary drinks equally."

Tingling is correct in blocking Bloomberg's folly ,but his reasons are as irrelevant as most legal wrangling.  The real reason the law should be turned down is because it is dictatorial and has no right to be enforced. 

It's enough that Bloomberg is a billionaire and that he is our mayor; now he wants to be in charge of our diet.  I wish he'd keep his spoon out of my porridge.  He is no exemplar of the body beautiful.  I think I have a better physique than him, and I am sixty-five.  I'm certainly taller than he is.  Maybe I should insist that he go on a regimen of crunches, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, weights, and stretching.

If the government can stop sugary drinks, it is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the mayor stopping whatever he deems excessive.  Perhaps the government will want to close the Cyclone Roller Coaster because someone once died on it.  Or it will outlaw sex because it might cause STDs, gonorrhea, crabs, or unwanted pregnancies.

Bloomberg might outlaw kissing because it could cause herpes or spread mononucleosis.  He can outlaw eating beef because it is cruel to cows and forbid wearing furs because it is inhumane to minks.  Then he could outlaw going out of the house when you have a cold because you might spread your germs.

Our president is already recommending that we take our fair share of other people's assets.  He and Bloomberg are like brothers.  Both live in mansions -- one in the White House, the other in a crib that makes Gracie Mansion look modest.

Nature or God apportioned talents.  Bloomberg and Obama want to hold a goodie-bag over the population and apportion the treats.  They want to offer sex changes and stomach-stapling.

Gee, Bloomberg might outlaw cursing because it could be construed as hate speech.  He might reinstate Prohibition because pregnant women can kill their fetuses if they drink.  Also, if you can't booze it up, you won't get into a DWI.

Bloomberg is autocratic.  His logic is so fundamentally flawed and silly that he has no logic.  He should concentrate on running the city, not commanding the universe.  He is not God.  He is not even Napoleon, despite his similar stature.

Perhaps Bloomberg and Obama should lock themselves in a dungeon and order each other about.  Maybe they can sneak in a sugary drink.  The people in power always break the rules they apply to others.  They can be kings of their jail cell.  At least they wouldn't interfere with our lives in the real world there.