Ben Carson for Michigan Senate Seat?

The Detroit News is busy talking up the possibility of Dr. Benjamin Carson running as a Republican for the Senate from Michigan.  He could win the open seat race with Levin retiring. An African American, fresh face, who would win a higher percentage of the black vote than other Republicans. The state is 14% black.  Republican Governor Rick Snyder won his race in 2010 by 18% (but he may go down this time), and Obama won the state by 10% in 2012.  A Dem-leaning state for sure, but an off year electorate (with a higher percentage white vote) would help.

No one has been elected to president as first political office since Eisenhower. It is unlikely to happen again. If he has political ambitions, this seat would be a good place for Carson to start, picking up an open Senate seat, and maybe helping GOP regain control of Senate.