Annals of Jewish Naivete

New York's 92nd Street Y may be the premiere Jewish cultural institution in the country. So what's it doing offering the prestige of its stage to a rock star Jew-hater? Lori Lowenthal Marcus of the Jewish Press reports: "According to the Facebook Page of the 92nd Street Y, on March 22, 1874, the Young Men's Hebrew Association was formed. But a quick look at its current website shows that Roger Waters, former front man for the rock group Pink Floyd, and currently one of the biggest haters of Israel outside of the Middle East, will be appearing at the 92nd Street Y late next month. "Waters is one of the best known of the small group of celebrity advocates for the economic warfare movement against Israel known as the BDS movement. BDS stands for the boycott of, divestment from, and sanctions against the Jewish State of Israel. "Not only does Waters refuse to perform in Israel, but he also delights in placing enormous pressure on colleagues in the arts world to renege after agreeing to...(Read Full Post)