American Thinker accused of publishing 'a general attack on traditional Judaism'

A blogger normally worthy of respect has hurled a charge at an article published in American Thinker.  Sultan Knish, the blog published by Daniel Greenfield, posted "A BRIEF NOTE" which is reproduced below in its entirety.  Mr. Greenfield does not have individual URLs for his entries, so it is impossible for us to refer readers directly to the item. Here it is: American Thinker ran an article by Fay Voshell accusing Mayor Bloomberg of turning New York "into the progressive version of a gigantic kosher kitchen" and "seeks to apply his politically-correct orthodoxy to the entire city, forcing his transmogrified politico/religious sensibilities on the masses."Fay Voshell goes on to write, "Such is his fevered zealousness that he has banned charitable organizations devoted to feeding the hungry homeless from distributing loaves and fishes" and "In the end, Bloomberg is the modern day version of the Pharisees." This quickly turns into a general attack on...(Read Full Post)