Would government tell us if we were about to be hit by an asteroid?

There are enough independent astronomers who have plotted the course of the asteroid due to zoom by earth barely 17,000 miles above our surface that we can be reasonably certain that we won't get slammed in a cosmic collision that would destroy civilization as we know it. But would anyone tell us if we were going to get hit? Scientists say there's no chance that 2012 DA14 will hit us: Experts have calculated it will stay at least 17,200 miles (27,681km) away - easily far enough to be safe, but a very close shave in astronomical terms. Scientists have never observed such a narrow miss before. Dr Dan Brown, from Nottingham Trent University, said telecommunication satellites - that ping data between our mobile phones - could be in danger. Travelling at between 12,427mph (20,000kph) and 18,641mph (30,000kph) - around five miles (8km) a second, or eight times the speed of a rifle bullet - the asteroid will fly inside the orbits of high geostationary satellites some ...(Read Full Post)