Which Chris do you honor?

The world as we know it is changing more and more each day.  We get information non-stop and often it is clouded by the deliverer's opinion. The State of the Union's lofty promises and the turmoil all around the world give us a surreal feeling that our comforts are in jeopardy. 

Our institutions are failing and the people we trust to do the right things are failing as well. The president has taken an early step toward tyranny by ruling with Executive Order.  His opposition is weakened by his rhetoric and they offer no real challenge to his agenda.

Just this week we are faced with stories of two men, both named Chris. These two were similar in a lot of ways.  They both chose careers that serve and protect our society.  Both underwent extensive training and they were both vilified and honored this week.

That is where the similarity ends.  Chris Kyle a former US Navy SEAL and Chris Dorner a former LAPD police officer. The two could not be more different.

Chris Kyle served as a sniper for the SEALs and held the honor of most kills.  This very honor is hateful to many. To the service men and women he saved it was cherished.  Chris Kyle did not stop there.  When he left the military he wrote a book and gave the proceeds to the families of his fallen comrades. His death even came while he was helping another troubled soldier. 

Chris Dorner on the other hand chose a different path. He, too, began in the military and went on to serve in the LAPD.  We know he lost his job with the LAPD. We don't know is if he was treated justly. This, however, cannot be an excuse for his rampant crime spree.

It is clear that our society is ever more divided by ideology, race, class and religion. This one is about right vs. wrong. The Chris you choose as a hero says it all.

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