The White House Press Corps: Journalistic Featherweights

There has been no greater revelation of the puddle depth of the alleged journalists of the White House Press Corps than their outrage over the Tiger Woods/Obama golf summit blackout. "Where is the transparency?" they cry. These are the same journalists who sat on their hands during Fast and Furious. They failed to notice any lack of transparency during the Holder hearings when copious amounts of interagency communiqués were redacted and withheld. Do these journalists realize that the people still do not know the highest ranking Department of Justice official to have knowledge of Fast and Furious? Did "transparency" reveal who implemented or approved the program? What club did the president hit on the first par three? The people have a right to know! And what of the Benghazi debacle? Did these journalists in the White House Press Corps even wonder why the 20 or more survivors of the consulate assault have never been identified or interviewed? Have they asked how a president can say...(Read Full Post)