The biggest problem with the Affordable Health Care Act is that it is not affordable

My candidate for quote of the year is from Jill Zorn, senior program officer at the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut. This is what she said about The Affordable Health Care Act: "The single biggest issue we face now is affordability....." I guess that's like saying that my biggest concern with that new pitcher is that he can't pitch. Affordable health care is now turning into quite for a challenge for those who made a lot of promises. They told us that taxes would go up on the rich.  Not really. They told us that you could keep your insurance or that your employer-based coverage would not be impacted.  Again, not really. We are now learning  that employers are reacting to Obama-Care by reducing payrolls or turning some full time employees into part timers: "The mandate to offer health insurance doesn't take effect until 2014, but the "measurement period" used by the feds to determine a firm's average number of full-time employees started last month. So...(Read Full Post)