The biggest problem with the Affordable Health Care Act is that it is not affordable

My candidate for quote of the year is from Jill Zorn, senior program officer at the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut. This is what she said about The Affordable Health Care Act:

"The single biggest issue we face now is affordability....."

I guess that's like saying that my biggest concern with that new pitcher is that he can't pitch. Affordable health care is now turning into quite for a challenge for those who made a lot of promises. They told us that taxes would go up on the rich.  Not really.

They told us that you could keep your insurance or that your employer-based coverage would not be impacted. 

Again, not really.

We are now learning  that employers are reacting to Obama-Care by reducing payrolls or turning some full time employees into part timers:

"The mandate to offer health insurance doesn't take effect until 2014, but the "measurement period" used by the feds to determine a firm's average number of full-time employees started last month. So the cutbacks and employment dodges are underway.  " (WSJ)

So how did we miss all of this?  How did so many people who voted for this get it wrong?

First, and most important, they didn't read it or hold hearings to "weed out" the fantasy from reality.

Do you recall a hearing where fast-food restaurant owners were invited to react to the law?

Second, no one in the media challenged the premise that you can cover everyone by just raising taxes on the rich.  We can blame that on "media bias" but I think that it was more of "economics" ignorance on the part of the people who cover our news.

Third, and don't underestimate this, many Democrats voted for health care thinking that The Supreme Court would bail them out.  After Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts spoiled their plan, they just bet on a Romney victory and a partial or full repeal.

What happens next?

We will have one train-wreck after another.   By the summer of 2014, Obama Care will be so unpopular that most Democrats will start running from it.

What do we do?

First, hold the Democrats accountable.  They voted for it.

Second, nominate candidates who can answer questions about abortion.


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