Reports: Jesse Jackson, Jr. signs plea agreement, will do prison time

After having skated despite reports that his representative offered $6 million dollars to then-Governor Rod Blagojevich to be appointed to fill Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat in 2009, it appears that Jesse Jackson Jr. may be joining his erstwhile bribee in the federal slammer. Surprisingly few major media outlets have covered the story so far (for obvious reasons), but the best and most complete coverage comes from the Chicago Sun-Times, and its reporters Natasha Korecki, Michael Sneed and Dan Mihalopoulos: Jesse Jackson Jr. has signed an agreement to plead guilty to federal corruption charges and acknowledge misuse of his campaign fund, sources said The former 17-year South Shore Democratic congressman had told associates that he tried "protecting" his wife during negotiations leading up to the plea agreement, but "they wouldn't let him," the source said. The charges on which Jackson reportedly copped a plea center on misuse of campaign funds for personal benefit (such as paying...(Read Full Post)