Pentagon isn't sure if it's buying oil from Iran for Afghanistan

The Pentagon has contracted out the job of buying oil for the Afghan security services to more than a dozen contractors. Unfortunately, it appears that a couple of those contractors are violating the sanctions by purchasing crude oil from Iran. Josh Rogin: The Defense Department has no idea whether or not it is violating U.S. sanctions by indirectly purchasing Iranian oil for the Afghan security forces, according to a new report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). The United States paid for the purchase and delivery of fuel to the Afghan security forces for years, totaling $1.1 billion for just the Afghan army since 2007. But the Pentagon's lack of internal controls means that some of that fuel might have come from Iran, the SIGAR office found. New checks and balances were put in place last year, but there is still a risk that U.S. taxpayer funds are being sent to Iran. "DOD's lack of visibility-until recently-over the source of fuel...(Read Full Post)