Overwhelming turnout of young people at March for Life is encouraging

With estimates that 500,000 to 650,000 supporters took part in the 2013 March for Life on Jan. 25, the outlook for the pro-life movement is very good. In 2010, when the number of those taking part in the March for Life started its climb from 250,000 participants to what would be 400,000 in 2011, The Washington Post was already reporting that half of the participants appeared to be under 30. And the trend of younger people constituting a larger and larger portion of the event has continued to this day. This is seriously wonderful news -- and perhaps not surprising, considering that the "under 30 crowd" represents people who have been raised at a time when advanced ultrasounds allow them to see things their parents and grandparents couldn't see. In exacting detail, they see the hands, feet, and yawns of children in the womb -- children the left successfully described as nothing more than a "mass of cells" or a "bundle of DNA" a decade ago. Newer generations have also benefited...(Read Full Post)