Outgoing NATO commander in Afghanistan says we're 'on the road to winning'

An optimistic assessment or simply horse manure? BBC: "Counter-insurgencies take a while and it is difficult to put a dot on a calendar and say, 'Today, we won'," Gen Allen told the BBC. "I think we have gone a long way to setting the conditions for what, generally, usually, is the defining factor in winning a counter-insurgency - to set the conditions for governance, to set the conditions for economic opportunity.... I think we are on the road to winning." During his 19-month tour, Gen Allen managed the transfer of security across much of the country to the Afghan army and police. His successor is expected to be Isaf's last commander, who will oversee the withdrawal of most of the foreign troops in the country. Gen Dunford, a Marine like Gen Allen, took over the leadership on Sunday in a ceremony at International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) headquarters in Kabul. "Today is not about change, it's about continuity," he said. "What has not changed is the will of this...(Read Full Post)