Obama's 'Populismo' is killing Hispano jobs

It was the kind of speech that will make more and more business owners sit back and delay hiring. In fact, it was not much of a speech, unless you are so invested in "el culto" that facts don't matter to you.

President Obama's speech comes days after more and more business owners learned the real cost of ObamaCare. Also, more and more "Hispanos" will lose their employer-based care, or pay higher premiums.

President Obama's speech comes a week after we learned that the GDP shrank in the 4th quarter of 2012.

How is "si se puede" working out for the millions of "hispanos" who bought into "cambio y esperanza"? The Spanish answer is "no muy bien"!

Last night, President Obama "doubled down" on the same economic approach that has given us stagnant growth. 

Jeffrey Anderson put it best:

"If there were a Triple Crown of economic failure for one presidential term, it might justly be awarded to a president who managed to oversee only 0.8% average annual growth (the worst in six decades), failed to steer even that paltry growth toward the middle class (whose real incomes dropped substantially), and likewise failed to spur greater employment (as employment dropped significantly)."

Let me add this. 

President Obama has benefited from a media unwilling to challenge him or hold him accountable for policies that have not worked. He has further been aided by a Spanish speaking media that goes along with the nonsense that a President with huge majorities did not pass immigration reform because the GOP minority would not let him do it.

Last night, President Obama called on Congress to vote. Why didn't he call on the Senate Democrat majority to have a vote on immigration reform? They haven't in 4 years!

We hope that Kristen Power's column today is the start  of something refreshing, i.e. reporters practicing journalism.  Kristen is an honest liberal who does not like what she's watching and wishes that others would wake up too:

"The president has only a few opportunities to speak to the nation, and he blew this one. It was so hackish, so devoid of any theme or purpose, that it makes one wonder whether part of Obama just wants to see how bad he can be before his cultists in the news media can see it. "

You are right Miss Power. Can anyone pass her column to Jorge Ramos and Univision? Or that producer at Univision who referred to Sen Rubio as "Marquito"?

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