Missing Bill and Hillary Footage

In Jack Cashill's recent article, "Hillary's First Big Lie," he asked, "...just when it was that public integrity ceased to matter." He pinned the date to an interview Bill and Hillary Clinton gave to 60 Minutes on January 26, 1992. This made me think of another infamous incident captured by 60 Minutes. Many will recall the scene; a piece of equipment almost falls on Hillary who rushes to the safe embrace of Bill's loving arms. After unsuccessfully searching for the video on the internet, I contacted CBS archives. I received this reply: Subject: RE: bill clinton interviewThis 60 Minutes broadcast is not available for release. I didn't believe it was an "accident" then and I don't believe it was an "accident" now. Instead, it appeared to be a clumsily staged scene meant to show the American people how much Bill cared for Hillary. Could CBS have been guilty of actively enabling the Clintons? Why won't they release this broadcast? More proof that the media have, as Cashill writes,...(Read Full Post)